Why Pay for stuff you don’t use??

We get it!!

We only provide an online auction platform service.

It shouldn’t be this complicated
𝑓(𝑥)=𝑎0 + ∑ (𝑛=1) (𝑎𝑛 cos⁡ (𝑛𝜋𝑥/𝐿) + 𝑏𝑛 sin⁡ (𝑛𝜋𝑥/𝐿) )

What’s it going to cost me?

Select from 1 of 4 subscriptions to match your budget.

What You Get Monthly Plus
(30 days)
(30 days)
Annual Plus
(365 days)
(365 days)
Free 30 Day Trial
Unlimited Number of Auctions
Free Photos Per Lot 25 10 25 10
Cost Per Photo Over Free Limit (25 max) NA $0.25 NA $0.25
Video Upload Cost (1 Allowed Per Item) $10.00 $10.00
No Barcodes Needed For Photos
Front Page Featured Add $10.00 $10.00
Buy it Now $1.00 $1.00
Unlimited Number of Devices
Email Blast
No "Cloud" Fee
No Auction End Fees
No Per Bid Fee
Rapid List CSV Upload
Extract Data for Shipping Saint
Custom Banner/Logo

What we believe

Pick one thing and do it well. That is why we only offer online auctioning services.

Every auctioneer needs an online platform for auctioning but not necessary with a live auction clerking portion.

Flexibility and being affordable are key to us plus we do not sell your data or your bidder’s data to third parties.

Name your photos anyway you want, use software you already have to create your catalog’s CSV file, setup your own tax rates, commission tables and bidding advancement scales, brand your presence, we provide code links to include on your website for bidder access and many more features.

We even give you the ability to generate code you can add to your website that will show your items up for bid and their current bid right on your website.

Not everyone does business the same so why should we tell you how to do it.

Always improving thanks to auctioneer’s suggestions.

GROSS SALES $6,460,668.73   LOTS AUCTIONED 18,770   UNIQUE BIDS 6,437

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